The Ashden Awards 2021 Longlist

The outstanding climate solutions from around the world lowering emissions while creating better lives and fairer societies.

The annual Ashden Awards focus on cutting-edge initiatives that are both green and fair  that deliver climate justice, create good jobs, train people in green skills, and cut carbon.

From over 800 applications, we have selected 37 outstanding longlisted organisations across our nine awards – pioneers united around the globe in their ambition to take on the climate crisis and create happier lives and more equal societies.

In the year that governments, climate innovators and activists gather at the COP26 global climate summit in Glasgow, these inspiring climate champions demonstrate the many solutions that can be replicated at scale and speed. 

The winners of the 2021 Ashden Awards will be announced on Thursday 4th November.   

The International Longlist

Ashden Award for humanitarian energy

Uncovering innovation bringing clean, affordable energy to refugees and displaced people around the world. 

Award prize: £20,000

Supported by: Linbury Trust and the Alan, Babette Sainsbury Charitable Fund and a public appeal.

Ashden Award for natural climate solutions

Highlighting initiatives in the Amazon, Congo Basin and South East Asian rainforest making forest communities more resilient, through improved livelihoods, inclusive business models or improved governance and land rights

Award prize: £20,000

Ashden Award for energy access innovation

Seeking innovation at all levels of the energy access ecosystem that is helping innovators survive, thrive and build resilience in local communities.

Award prize: £20,000

Ashden Award for cooling in informal settlements

Spotlighting the best initiatives alleviating heat stress, and help make solutions accessible and affordable to those in greatest need.

Award prize: £20,000

Supported by: Clean Cooling Collaborative (formerly K-CEP)/ClimateWorks Foundation

Ashden Award for energy access skills

Showcasing outstanding initiatives widening access to green skills training, an essential step to a low-carbon planet and universal access to sustainable energy.

Award prize: £20,000

Supported by: The Ashden Trust

Ashden Award for regenerative agriculture

Spotlighting areas key to the growth of regenerative agriculture – training and information for farmers, access to finance and technology, support for land rights and fair compensation for prioritising soil health.

Award prize: £20,000

Supported by: The DOEN Foundation

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The UK Longlist

Ashden Award for climate innovation in the UK

Targeting key areas with the potential to unlock significant carbon savings across the UK – advances in energy systems, the built environment, and industrial innovation supporting a circular economy.

Award prize: £10,000

Supported by: Impax Asset Management

Ashden Award for green skills

Highlighting organisations developing green skills in the areas of retrofit and low carbon heat.

Award prize: £10,000

Supported by: Garfield Weston Foundation 

Ashden Award for green communities

Recognising an initiative that makes climate action relevant to the everyday lives of citizens and the things they care about, with particular attention on engaging beyond typical ‘green audiences’

Award prize: £10,000

Supported by: Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

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