Frontline Climate Action


Ashden Awards longlist highlights global climate solutions

Introducing the longlisted international organisations and initiatives delivering climate justice, creating good jobs, training people in green skills, and cutting carbon.

UK climate pioneers named in Ashden Awards longlist

Meet the organisations and initiatives creating a low-carbon UK,  lowering emissions while creating better lives and fairer societies. 

Uniting schools working to become zero carbon

Across the UK, schools are declaring their aim to become zero carbon by 2030 with the Let’s Go Zero campaign.

Enabling Climate Pioneers to Thrive

In the UK and in developing countries, our networks and insights drive radical system change – building a fairer, better, more sustainable world.

Zero carbon schools campaign

Schools will play a critical role in helping the UK achieve net zero emissions. From car-free school runs and plant-based canteens, schools are already inspiring entire communities to think and act differently.

Helping UK Councils Take Action

Communities have urged councils to deliver a green future. Our toolkits and guides turn climate ambition into real-world impact.

Fair Cooling Fund

Heat stress is a deadly threat to the world’s most vulnerable people. Our new fair cooling fund supports groundbreaking innovation.

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We bring together frontline innovators, investors, campaigners and analysts from the climate sector and beyond.

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