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BioRegional Development Group / BedZED: low-carbon urban development

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BedZED was designed to be a low-carbon integrated development of 100 homes Рboth private and social housing Рin Hackbridge, Surrey.

Completed and occupied in 2002, it was initiated by BioRegional and ZEDfactory, and developed by the Peabody Housing association. The development was designed to be carbon-neutral, both in use and in construction. High levels of insulation cut heating demand, and efficient lights and appliances were installed. Solar photovoltaics provide part of the electricity supply. Building materials were sourced locally. Recycling, composting and car-share schemes reduce environmental impact in other ways. A survey of energy use in 2007 found that electricity use per person was 34% less than the average for the Borough of Sutton, and heat use was 77% less.

UK Ashden Award for Sustainable Buildings

Passivhaus Trust

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