Energy Innovation (Global South)
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Energy for Development
Region: Africa
Awards Year: The 2024
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While 600 million people in Africa still go without access to electricity, Salpha Energy’s homegrown low-cost solution has the power to change lives. Salpha manufacture high-quality clean energy products in Cross River, Nigeria – and offer affordable pay-as-you go finance, so that even consumers on lower incomes can buy them.

These products include solar homes systems that power lights, fridges, fans, TVs and laptops, farming tools, and more. The systems can be charged up by grid power when it is available – and replace dirty and expensive diesel generators. Nigeria is a major fossil fuel producer, but energy costs have soared in recent years, and just 45% of its people currently have access to electricity. Salpha works with micro-finance suppliers and co-operatives to bring its products to more people.

Salpha, founded and run by Sandra Chukwudozie, is also creating opportunities for women in the energy sector. The company’s factory in Cross River has capacity to produce 250,000 systems a year – a made-in-Africa alternative to the systems imported from outside the continent.

The company is targeting many of its products at small businesses, like tailors and hairdressers – more than half of Salpha customers use their new energy supply to make a living. The results include longer opening hours for 18% of these businesses.

Why is Ashden boosting this solution?

Our judges recognised Salpha as a truly innovative businesses – from the way the company has built its own factory in Africa, something no competitor in the energy access sector has done, to its success in designing products that are effective but affordable for consumers. Salpha’s effort to create jobs and economic opportunity, as well as widening energy access, will accelerate the just transition to a sustainable future.

For more information on Salpha, click here.

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Collection of photos of the 2024 Ashden Award winner Salpha Energy. At the top is two workers opening a solar panel. Below on the left-hand side is a group of males talking about batteries. On the right-hand side is a woman testing a battery. Below is a man working on a solar battery. Below on the left-hand side are two men looking at a solar battery. On the right-hand side is a woman working on a battery with a man next to her.
At the top is wo workers package a solar panel in the Salpha factory. Below on the left-hand side is a group of males talking about batteries. On the right-hand side is Salpha Chief Technician, Mr Afams explains to a potential buyer how Salpha inverter works at the factory. Below is a Salpha assembly line worker assembles an inverter. Below on the left-hand side are two men production supervisors. On the right-hand side is Salpha Chief Technician, Mr Afams and an assembly line workers repairs an inverter.

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