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If we can cut the carbon required to heat our homes, we’ll get much closer to our sustainable future. Right now, domestic heating accounts for 13% of UK emissions. To tackle the problem, we need a variety of solutions for different types of property.

One of these is the Zero Emission Boiler – or ZEB – from tepeo. It’s powered by electricity, and its highly insulated core stores energy like a battery. Smart technology helps it draw on the grid when power is cheapest, and puts consumers in control. It can be installed in a day or two, with minimal changes to plumbing and heating systems. That means no need for new pipes or radiators. Tepeo believes it’s a good option for 40% of UK properties.

This growing company employs 68 people, engineering and manufacturing its product in the UK. Tepeo’s work to train up plumbers to install the products will help many more workers acquire skills for a green economy.

With fossil fuel boilers banned in new homes from 2025, and millions of existing homes needing efficiency upgrades, scaling up different solutions is key.

Why is Ashden boosting this solution?

Decarbonising heating is one of the UK’s biggest climate challenges – and as no two homes are the same, we’ll need a wide range of technologies to address it. This includes products for homes where a heat pump is currently not viable.

Celebrating innovators like tepeo shows we can find solutions to even the toughest problems.

The Ashden judges also admired tepeo’s work to educate consumers, and its commitment to building green skills in the plumbing industry.

For more information on tepeo, click here.

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Collection of photos of the 2024 Ashden Award winner tepeo. At the top is the CEO with 4 ZEBs. Below is a man pouring a substance into a mixer. On the right hand-side is a man walking across the testing centre. Below is a group of engineers learning how to install the ZEB into homes.
At the top is Johan du Plessis, CEO of tepeo standing next to their low cost, low carbon zero emission electric boilers from their UK factory. Below is a senior technicians Phillip Tegg-Porter and Wojciech Kluba loading Magnetite into mix to make the core at tepeo. On the right hand-side is ZEBs lined up ready for delivery after testing. Below is a group of engineers learning how to install the ZEB into homes.

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