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Natural Climate Solutions
Region: Africa
Awards Year: The 2024
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Ujamaa Community Resource Team (UCRT) has helped more than 120 Indigenous communities in rural Tanzania secure the rights to their land, manage it, and create a sustainable living from it.

Hunter-gatherers and pastoralists – those whose animals graze over a wide area – often see their land taken or abused, with climate change increasing the pressure on ecosystems and communities. This problem threatens their survival, and the nature that protects us all from the effects of global heating.

UCRT works closely with communities, creating solutions hand-in-hand with local people. Its support includes help to win and certify collective land rights, resolving conflict between communities, and sharing land management skills. The organisation also helps people plan land use together, defend nature, and launch new sustainable businesses and money making activities. Its tools and approaches range from data gathering to inclusive community meetings.

UCRT’s 55 Women’s Rights and Leadership Forums strengthen women’s role in decision making, and the organisation has also launched community banking schemes targeting women.

By March 2024, UCRT had secured 1.5million hectares of land and strengthened the rights of 410,000 people. The communities it works with are on the frontline of climate change – UCRT works holistically to help them build a stronger future.

Why is Ashden boosting this organisation?

UCRT’s rights-based conservation approach is already being replicated elsewhere in Tanzania, and has huge potential to spread further in the years ahead. Its work also stands out for building the social and economic power of women.

Finally, UCRT’s success shows the vital importance of building trust with communities to enact change. People with long experience of land-grabbing in the name of conservation have been engaged and supported, with outstanding results.

For more information on Ujamaa Community Resource Team, click here.

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Collection of photos of the 2024 Ashden Award winner Ujamaa Community Resource Team. At the top on the left-hand side are three people sitting on grass talking to each other. On the right-hand side is portrait of an indigeneous woman. Below is an indigenous woman surrounded by cows. Below on the left-hand side are tribe members jumping. On the right-hand side is a close up portrait of a woman smiling.
At the top on the left-hand side is Catherine Losurutia, (left) a gender field officer at UCRT sitting with Semetei Ngauwo (right) and Maria Lemuta (centre) council members on pasture land committee. On the right-hand side is Maria Lemuta, a pasture land committee council member. Below is Nangaya Roimeri Mollel, Chairwoman of the women’s group in Esilalei village. Below on the left-hand side are community members in Esilalei Village. On the right-hand side is Nangaya Roimeri Mollel, Chairwoman of the women’s group in Esilalei village.

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