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Changemakers are Ashden supporters investing in a sustainable and just future, through an unrestricted annual donation of £10,000 or more.

A USAFI Green Energy employee hold two partly constructed low carbon cook stoves in his hands.

Support from our mission-aligned donors drives lasting ecosystem change, for a world where climate solutions thrive.

We use unrestricted donations to influence policymakers, spotlight solutions in the media, and and steward finance into frontline organisations. This support helps us build new partnerships, design effective projects and programmes, and work more inclusively with marginalised people. Above all, it helps us achieve ambitious goals with agility and flexibility. Change happens when we work together. So we’re committed to linking Changemakers with on-the-ground climate pioneers, to share insights and seize opportunities.

Your generous support can help us tackle complex and urgent climate challenges in the UK and Global South.

  • Increase clean power for communities in Africa and across the Global South.
  • Increase renewable energy and economic resilience for refugee camps, where 94% of people currently go without electricity.
  • Support UK’s 32,000 schools to lower their emissions and inspire a new generation of climate heroes.
  • Accelerate the efforts of communities and local councils in the UK to restore nature and adapt to and mitigate climate change.
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Support from Ashden’s Fair Cooling Fund was crucial to Ecozen – it allowed our business to withstand the impact of Coronavirus, and to develop a new product bringing sustainable cooling to low-income farmers. Ashden’s backing helped us grow, innovate and eventually secure a $25 million investment in January 2023.”

Devendra Gupta, Chief Executive, Ecozen

Why become a Changemaker?

  1. Drive the system change that unlocks access to clean energy, protection for nature, green jobs and more.

  2. Connect with innovators pioneering new technologies and inclusive business models.

  3. Get insights and analysis from Ashden experts, tailored to your interests.

  4. Network with fellow changemakers and other climate sector leaders at exclusive events.
A member of the public touches plants as she walks though an urban city garden.
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Our revenue has grown 3x since the Ashden Award… it provided Sokofresh with great publicity that has built investor confidence in the company.”   

Denis Karema, CEO, SokoFresh

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