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Ashden consultancy is rooted in our deep knowledge of tried and tested climate solutions, and the challenges and opportunities faced by local authorities and other organisations.

Our annual Ashden Awards lead us to new ground-breaking initiatives every year – while our unique learning networks mean we constantly talk to a wide range of councils and city regions about their issues and priorities. Ashden has been accelerating inclusive climate solutions for more than 20 years and overcoming barriers and sharing best practice have always been at the core of our work. 

Particular areas of focus include the skills and jobs driving climate action, retrofit to create energy efficient homes, and community engagement and inclusion. In these and other areas, we understand the hallmarks of trailblazing, effective and inclusive climate solutions. We also analyse the policy and finance that levers can unlock change at a local, regional and national level. 

Our team is experienced in creating original tools, resources and case studies – as well as facilitating discussions and workshops and carrying out desk research and mapping exercises.

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Recent outputs

Our recent outputs include networks supporting the UK’s city-regions and councils in Northeast England, South West England and London, a co-benefits toolkit, and in-depth case studies of climate action around the UK. We also publish policy briefings on key climate issues.

We frequently work in coalition, creating impact at a local, regional and national level. Our recent clients have included Energy Systems Catapult, National Lottery Community Fund, Friends of the Earth and many local authorities. 

“Ashden's input has been very useful - their broad understanding of climate action, and focus on co-benefits as a way to bring people with you which aligns well with our vision for the new toolkit, and what local authorities need in the push for Net Zero. Ashden have delivered on time, have been extremely helpful in this work and are always responsive.”

Gordon Graham, Head of Energy Revolution Integration Service, Energy Systems Catapult

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