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Consultancy: Helping you create high-impact climate action

Ashden consultancy is rooted in our deep knowledge of tried and tested climate solutions, and the challenges and opportunities faced by local authorities and other organisations.

Ashden consultancy helps UK local authorities, civil society organisations and others create a faster and fairer zero-carbon transition.

To talk to us about our consultancy work, email simon.brammer@ashden.org  

Our expertise

Ashden consultancy is rooted in our deep knowledge of tried and tested climate solutions, and the challenges and opportunities faced by local authorities and others.

Ashden has been accelerating inclusive climate solutions for more than 20 years. So overcoming barriers and sharing best practice are at the core of our work. Our annual Ashden Awards lead us to ground-breaking climate initiatives – while our learning networks give us up-to-date insights from councils, city regions and communities about their issues and priorities.

Our specialist areas include:

  • Supporting retrofit of homes and other buildings, to make them warm and energy efficient.
  • Engaging diverse communities, and working with them to co-design powerful climate action.
  • Enabling co-benefits approaches that draw on the many positive impacts of climate action, from financial savings to better health and well-being.

For each consultancy contract, we bring together a project team with relevant knowledge and experience from across the Ashden management, cities and communications teams.

Supporting local authorities

We recently supported Havant Borough Council to identify its climate action priorities, and brought staff across the organisation together, to progress the authority’s climate plans.

“Ashden has helped Havant Borough Council take a big positive step forward in addressing its impact on climate change. They have been enthusiastic and dedicated partners on this project and a pleasure to work with.” – Emma Chisnall, Senior Planning Policy Officer and Acting Climate Change and Sustainability Lead Officer, Havant Borough Council.

We offer a tailored package of support for councils, which may include a review of existing policies, a series of workshops with staff, and a final report helping the authority take further action. The price of this varies from £12-40,000 plus VAT, depending on the size and location of the authority.

What could we do for you?

Our team develops inspiring, practical resources to accelerate climate action. Examples include a toolkit helping councils deliver 31 powerful climate actions, and a suite of case studies exploring local authority initiatives across the UK.

Our team gives you the insights you need to take action. Examples of our work include:

  • Mapping the funder, stakeholder and policy landscapes that influence action on home energy efficiency.
  • Assessing retrofit grant applications on behalf of charitable trusts.
  • Interviewing home owners and other stakeholders about the prospect of retrofitting private properties.
  • Creating public-facing policy briefings – like our report on solving the retrofit skills crisis.

We have more than two decades’ experience of uncovering climate innovation through the Ashden Awards. Which means we know to search out the brightest ideas and organisations. Ashden can offer tried-and-test methods for finding solutions centred on inclusivity and social impact.

We deliver informative, inspiring and engaging sessions in person and online. The could help staff across your organisation get to grips with a key topic, or support senior leaders to create robust, affordable sustainability plans and strategies.

We can give guidance through a formal advisory role, or on a more flexible basis. Our expertise is why our staff hold advisory roles at the National Retrofit Hub and National Civic Impact Accelerator Co-Commissioning Panel on Environment, Climate and Biodiversity.

Who we work with

Our clients include local authorities, civil society organisations and philanthropists.

Current and recent clients include Havant Borough Council, Sustainable Development Foundation, Energy Systems Catapult, National Lottery Community Fund, Friends of the Earth and World Habitat.

“Ashden's input has been very useful - their broad understanding of climate action, and focus on co-benefits as a way to bring people with you which aligns well with our vision for the new toolkit, and what local authorities need in the push for Net Zero. Ashden have delivered on time, have been extremely helpful in this work and are always responsive.”

Gordon Graham, Head of Energy Revolution Integration Service, Energy Systems Catapult

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