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2020 Ashden Awards Celebration

2020 Ashden Awards Celebration

In 2020 we had to think a bit differently about how we could celebrate our Ashden Awards, so we could still give them a platform to meet funders and investors, and inspire others with their success. Thanks to the wonder of Zoom and YouTube we were able to watch along live with over 1,000 people – double the number we would have been able to have at our usual ceremony in London – and still have conversations running between the winners and a small group of investors and influencers in their respective sectors. If you missed it, watch below to get energized for the climate movement.

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Discover 11 climate heroes from around the world, fighting the climate crisis with innovative solutions that are saving lives, creating jobs, cleaning up our air and saving rainforests. From Brazil to India, from Bangladesh to the UK, from Uganda to Yemen, there are ordinary people doing extraordinary things to help people and planet.

We’ve awarded these 11 organisations so that other people can learn from them. We’ve awarded them for their decarbonisation, democratisation, their promotion of equality and their resilience. We need to transition to a zero-carbon world, and we need that transition to be fair. These are the organisations that are getting their hands dirty to clean up our planet.

Ashden CEO Harriet Lamb said: “There’s growing momentum for a green recovery from coronavirus, one that escapes the failures of the past and propels us toward a low-carbon future. This new future is within our reach, as long as we back radical climate solutions.

“This year Ashden has uncovered outstanding pioneers worldwide. Our award winners are bringing clean energy to the world’s poorest people and creating sustainable buildings and transport. They are protecting our rainforests and tackling the impact of deadly heatwaves.”

Also featuring Julia Bradbury, Sharan Burrow, Zamzam Ibrahim and Rakaya Fetuga.

Read more about the 11 winners here.

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