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Diving into Doughnut Economics

Diving into Doughnut Economics

Green Solutions


Doughnut Economics offers a pathway for humanity’s pathway to a fair and sustainable future. Join us to explore this groundbreaking vision – and meet the climate pioneers whose work can make it a reality. 

Their smart solutions range from powering refugee camps with clean energy to nourishing a radical new future for British farming. Bright ideas that will allow us to meet human needs and live within planetary boundaries.  

Our interactive event at London’s Conduit Club on 16 November will ask how investment and philanthropy can boost these pioneers, whose work is changing lives in the UK and Global South, and others like them. 

Join us to:

  • Hear from of Doughnut Economics Action Lab about the business models and financial structures that can unlock transformational change.
  • Be inspired by the 2023 Ashden Award winners – disruptive climate innovators from across the globe. See how their work is creating jobs, raising incomes, boosting health, tackling hunger and leading the way to a regenerative future.
  • Share your ideas on how the investors and donors can better serve these innovators, and deliver change at scale.
  • Network with investors, funders, climate sector experts and sustainable business leaders.

We can’t wait to see you there.

This is an Ashden event, delivered in partnership with The Conduit.


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