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Driving Better Health with Sustainable Energy Conference

Driving Better Health with Sustainable Energy Conference

Low-carbon policies and investment don’t just safeguard the planet: they create better health today. Around the world, in our cities and beyond, sustainable energy brings immediate health co-benefits – from easing air pollution to tackling excess heat and cold in homes and workplaces, and giving hospitals reliable power.

The links between energy and health are well established. Yet policymakers, investors and the health sector often overlook these co-benefits. This means they aren’t costed and quantified, innovators are denied funding, and health and climate policies work in isolation or even against each other.

Through on-the-ground examples and expert insights, our Driving Better Health with Sustainable Energy conference will ask how to overcome investment barriers and leverage collaboration across sectors to reach urgent climate, energy and health targets in the UK and worldwide.

Speakers and agenda

The lively and interactive day will include fast-paced panel debates, inspirational keynote speakers, and cases studies showing the real-world impact of sustainable energy. You can also network with key thinkers in the field, and meet this year’s Ashden Award winners.

9.00 Registration and networking

10.00 Welcome and introduction
– Harriet Lamb, CEO, Ashden
– Chris Trott, Head of Sustainability, Foster & Partners
– Neil Jennings, Partnerships Manager, Grantham Institute
– Simon Brammer, Head of Cities, Ashden

10.50 What success looks like: why invest in the health co-benefits of sustainable energy?
– Chris Large, Senior Partner, Global Action Plan
– Antonia Jennings, UK Health Alliance on Climate Change
– Karen Creavin, The Active Wellbeing Society
– Venkat Chekuri, Karuna Trust (Ashden Awards 2019 finalist)
– Dan Hamza-Goodacre, Executive Director, Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program
– Charlotte Wang, Founder and CEO, EQuota (Ashden Awards 2019 finalist)
– Kunal Vaid, CEO, Resham Sutra (Ashden Awards 2019 finalist)

11.35 Refreshments and networking

12.10 How to scale: overcoming barriers and building evidence of health co-benefits
– Her Excellency Samira Bawumia, Second Lady of the Republic of Ghana
– Jem Porcaro, Senior Director of Energy Access, UN Foundation
– Paul Southon, Independent public health consultant
– Nithya A. Ramanathan, Ph.D, President & Co-Founder, NexLeaf Analytics
– John Kolm-Murray, Principal Policy and Programme Officer, Greater London Authority
– Energie Sprong (Ashden Awards 2019 finalist)
– Naveen Krishna, Founder and Managing Director, SMV Green (Ashden Awards 2019 finalist)

13.10 Lunch and networking

14.10 How to finance: sharing budgets across sectors to increase the flow of capital
– Ellen Dorsey, Executive Director, Wallace Global Fund
– Giles Bristow, Director of Programmes, Ashden
– Andrew Reicher, Independent Investor in Renewable Energy and Energy Access
– Fiona Daly, Honorary Professor, University College London
– Peter George, Senior Director (Private Sector & Investment), Clean Cooking Alliance
– Patroklos Sesis, Waltham Forest Council (Ashden Awards 2019 finalist)
– Maria van Veldhuizen, Senior Manager, The Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia (Ashden Awards 2019 finalist)
– Alex Eaton, Co-founder and CEO, (Ashden Awards 2019 finalist)
15.30 Summary and conclusions

Why Attend?

Join us and explore the interplay between energy and health, through insights from academics, economists, policymakers, health professionals and practitioners in the field.

We will discuss how a co-benefits approach can address policy objectives, achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and deliver more efficient funding. And you will hear stories and evidence of impact from a range of Ashden Award winners using sustainable energy to meet health targets.

Supported by Bloomberg NEF.

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