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How can we transform our estates to become community hubs of climate action? Lessons from Camden, London

How can we transform our estates to become community hubs of climate action? Lessons from Camden, London

Free online webinar: How we can transform our estates to become community hubs for climate action? Lesson from Camden, London.

Tuesday 7 December
1- 2PM GMT


Join climate charity Ashden and grassroots organisation Camden Think & Do for a joint discussion on how underused spaces, such as estate resident halls, can be transformed to catalyse community integration and wider engagement on climate action.  

The COP26 summit in Glasgow has proven that bottom-up approaches are more vital than ever before to inspire climate action, particularly those involving collaboration with local authorities. Community group Camden Think & Do, will be sharing their experience of transforming an estates’ Tenant’s & Residents Association Hall in Somers Town, North London into a space for diverse groups to come together to learn about climate action.  

This webinar will showcase the opportunities that exist across the UK for sparking climate action that bring together different groups, fostering a stronger sense of community.The Camden Think & Do model, which started out as a collaboration between council and community, offers opportunities and learnings for council staff  working on sustainability, housing and participation as well as for grassroots groups looking emulate pop-up style climate action in their region. 


Why attend? 

  • Learn how to turn underused community space in your area, such as a residents hall, into a catalyst for climate action 
  • Understand how pop-up community engagement initiatives can be delivered at different lengths and to different budgets, and how they can be adapted to your area 
  • From a council perspective, take on board new ways supporting grassroots climate action to empower diverse communities to make behavioural changes to act on the climate crisis 


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