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How to boost solar sales by understanding gender dynamics

How to boost solar sales by understanding gender dynamics

Energy enterprises will join Ashden and the Whitten & Roy Partnership to discuss a new Ashden study exploring how women and men make decisions about solar energy, how they pay for it, and how solar impacts women and men differently. The research includes valuable data for clean energy enterprises in East Africa and beyond. The event will explore how:

• understanding these issues drives deeper market knowledge to increase sales and payments;
• enterprises can integrate insights into everyday business operations;
• policy makers and governments can help enterprises take a gender inclusive approach.

Ashden’s three-year research project has examined how and why women and men in rural Tanzania benefit differently from solar home systems and micro-grids. The research offers the practitioner community valuable gender mainstreaming insights that cut across the electrification and clean cooking sectors in East Africa. It has been funded by the IKEA Foundation and the UK’s Department for International Development.

The workshop is part of the Clean Cooking Forum 2019. It will be led by Ashden CEO Harriet Lamb and Scott Roy, CEO and Co-Founder of Whitten & Roy Partnership. They will share high-level findings from the study, and give practitioners the chance to actively shape the final research recommendations.

Download a summary of key findings from the research. The full report will be published in late 2019.

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