PEG Africa: cold storage for Ghana's rural businesses

Through the Fair Cooling Fund, PEG Africa brought affordable fridges and freezers to Ghana’s rural entrepreneurs.

Region: Ghana 

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Sustainable off-grid refrigeration could be a game-changer for small businesses in rural Ghana, where access to electricity is just 66%.  

PEG Africa is a leading supplier of solar home systems powering lights, televisions and other appliances in rural parts of the country. In 2021, the Fair Cooling Fund enabled PEG to pilot the sale and leasing of solar-power freezers to rural off-grid customers in Ghana’s Volta and Eastern regions.

Customers included small shops, restaurants and mainly female traders wishing to start a cold store business in fishing communities. In total, 45 entrepreneurs gained access to sustainable cooling, offering a new opportunity to expand or strengthen their business. PEG staff at all levels of the company – from senior leaders to technicians and sales teams – gained skills and insights related to offering cooling products.

PEG also surveyed communities about the potential for cooling to raise their income, and the price points, finance options and support needed to make cooling products and services attractive to rural Ghanaians. The initiative also deepened PEG’s understanding of the complex supply chain challenges that must be overcome in order to widen access to cooling.


This knowledge will boost PEG’s efforts to increase energy access and provide high-quality products to customers across West Africa and beyond.

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