Getting started with a greener supply chain

Follow the steps below to lower your emissions while increasing commercial opportunities and profits

With SMEs facing spiralling energy costs and greater demand to comply with government regulations, there has never been a better time to introduce greener supply chains. 

Businesses already doing so are seeing significant benefits, from reduced operational risks to lower shipping and logistics costs and access to new finance and funding streams. And growing consumer interest in certified, sustainably produced goods, plus a willingness to pay a premium for them, can help attract a broader customer base.

Actions you can take now for a greener supply chain


Run a quick search to locate products, services and providers with lower emissions


Replace plastic packaging with recycled or compostable substitutes for a quick win

Prove that you’re taking action with certification


Find grants, matching funds and interest-free loans to move to more sustainable supply chains & operations

See how other SMEs are doing it

Frog Bikes, a sports manufacturing SME, benefited by cutting design, production and shipping costs as well as securing loans to streamling their R&D process and cut emissions through transport.

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