Local Authority Learning Hubs

In three regions of the UK, Ashden is helping local authorities work together to drive down emissions and create happier, healthier communities.

Councils are under pressure to tackle the climate and biodiversity emergencies, while also delivering a green recovery from coronavirus. They need to act fast, with practical solutions that bring everyday benefits such as better jobs and clean air, as well as lower emissions.

These proven climate solutions already exist. Right now they are unlocking greener transport, warmer homes, improved community cohesion and much more. But local authorities are under pressure with limited resources, and sometimes lack the skills and expertise to create change. We don’t have time for councils to learn in isolation or act alone.

That’s why we’re launching three local authority learning hubs, identifying successful initiatives and showing how they can be quickly adapted and implemented locally. Each of the three hubs has a different focus, chosen based on feedback from the region’s local authorities. 

Where are the learning hubs – and what will they tackle?

North East England 

Launched February 2021

Beyond scope three emissions: driving local wealth creation through procurement.

An aerial image of streets with solar panels on houses

Greater London

Launched February 2021

Delivering strong citizen and community engagement with limited resources. 

West of England

Coming later this year