2017 Impact Report


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Emma Frost

Communications Manager

In 2017 another 13 organisations from around the world joined our very special alumni, when they won an Ashden Award for their outstanding work.

We believe that by finding, highlighting and supporting the best in sustainable energy solutions worldwide we can increase their impact and the number of people benefiting. Winning an Award increases profile and credibility and provides connections – peer to peer, with funders and with investors.

See and download the full impact report here.

The impact Ashden and its winners are having could not be achieved without the commitment of the companies, foundations and individuals who so generously support our work.

If, like us, you believe that sustainable energy is vital to shaping a better world, why not become a part of the story? You could sponsor an Ashden Award, help fund our programme work, or become an Ashden Friend.

Clean cooking is just one of the key areas our winners are working in to improve millions of lives through sustainable energy

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