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2022 Ashden Award finalists announced


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World-leading climate solutions are tackling three of today’s biggest dangers – the energy crisis, food insecurity, and the challenges faced by refugees around the world.

Twelve outstanding organisations delivering these solutions will be named as finalists in the 2022 Ashden Awards, a line-up at the closing ceremony of the international London Climate Action Week.
Six feature in UK-specific award categories, while the international categories feature finalists from Kenya, Togo, Zimbabwe, Turkey and India.

Harriet Lamb, CEO of climate solutions charity Ashden, said: “The boundaries between today’s global threats are falling apart – which means funders, policymakers and campaigners must come together around the most effective and holistic solutions.

“As well as record breaking temperatures, this year has seen the number of displaced people worldwide top 100 million, and war in Ukraine threaten global food shortages. Meanwhile, in the UK, domestic energy prices are set to rise by 50% in October.”

“In the UK, finalist organisations are helping people lower emissions and fuel bills at home as well as dramatically reduce waste in the film industry; in Kenya and Turkey they are bringing jobs and clean energy to refugees; in India and Kenya they are helping small-scale farmers use solar power to keep their harvests fresh and fields watered, and in Togo and Zimbabwe they are training up the workforce of tomorrow, particularly young women, in a range of jobs relevant to clean energy.

“Our rigorous awards research confirms that more support for green jobs, skills and livelihoods is urgently needed. That’s why the work of our skills-focused finalists, creating opportunities but also addressing inequality, is so inspirational.”

“For instance, this year, our new award for greening all work shows how sectors as diverse as farming and the film industry can radically reduce their carbon impact, while also becoming more inclusive.

“But we cannot hope for a Hollywood ending to the climate story, where a single superhero saves the day – we must all collaborate to help these innovators, and others like them, thrive.”

203 organisations applied for the 2022 Ashden Awards. An extra award category for Natural Climate Solutions in rainforest areas is currently seeking entries until 8 July.

The finalists for all awards will be judged by international specialists in each award category. The winners will be announced in Nairobi on 27 October, in the run-up to the COP27 climate talks, and at a ceremony in London on 2 November – an event that will also be streamed live. Winners will receive financial and strategic support.

The 2022 Ashden Award finalists

Ashden Award for Energising Refugee Livelihoods, supported by Linbury Trust, the Alan & Babette Sainsbury Charitable Fund, JAC Trust, Ashden Trust and a public appeal.

Kakuma Ventures, Kenya – creating clean energy, internet connections and new jobs for refugee camp residents.

Imece Initiative, Turkey – training refugee and migrant women for a future as solar engineers.

Ashden Award for Energising Agriculture 

SokoFresh, Kenya – sustainable cold storage for smallholders, matched with help getting products to market.

Collectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives (CINI), India – community-led production hubs in tribal areas.

Ashden Award for Energy Access Skills, supported by LinkedIn

Zonful Energy, Zimbabwe – training in the solar sector for rural young people, through collaboration with colleges and NGOs, alongside connections to jobs.

Energy Generation, Togo – a ground-breaking training centre empowering entrepreneurs to create solutions for Africans by Africans, sparking opportunities for women.

This project has been made possible in part by a grant from the LinkedIn Social Impact Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

Ashden Award for Greening All Work, supported by LinkedIn

VECTAR Sets, Greater Manchester – helping the film and TV industry go green, with flat-pack film sets made from sustainable paper and cardboard.

FarmED, Oxfordshire – inspiring and educating for a greener farming future.

This project has been made possible in part by a grant from the LinkedIn Social Impact Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

Ashden Award for Low Carbon Skills, supported by Garfield Weston Foundation

Low Carbon Academy, Greater Manchester – ambitious partnership from the North West Skills Academy, upgrading thousands of homes for a carbon neutral future.

B4Box, Stockport – training disadvantaged people and creating warm, energy-efficient homes.

Ashden Award for Energy Innovation, supported by Impax Asset Management

Connected Energy, Newcastle Upon Tyne – a new life for electric vehicle batteries.

Renewable Parts, Argyll – refurbishing wind turbine parts, cutting waste and boosting the green economy.

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