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Ashden joins LinkedIn’s Green Skills Fund


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Craig Burnett


Ashden is proud to join LinkedIn to accelerate wider access to green skills and training. 

LinkedIn is supporting the winners and finalists of Ashden’s 2021 Green Skills and Energy Access Skills awards. These innovators are creating the skills and jobs to deliver universal energy access, make our homes more energy efficient and build a fair zero carbon future. 

Ashden CEO Harriet Lamb said: “LinkedIn is the perfect partner to help widen access to green skills and training. Investing in good green jobs is essential to cutting carbon emissions and must be done in a way that is also just and reaches marginalised communities. That’s why we’ve made green skills, jobs and livelihoods our strategic focus.” 

The winner of the 2021 Ashden Award for Energy Access Skills is India’s Bharatiya Vikas Trust, which has trained 14,000 bank workers and entrepreneurs – giving more people in rural areas the knowledge and access to finance to launch low-carbon businesses.  

The winner of Ashden’s UK-focused green skills award is Carbon Co-opbuilding the workforce needed urgently to upgrade homes and make them more energy efficient. 

Both winners were announced in a ceremony at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow in November. The winners, and all other longlisted organisations in these two award categories, will receive grants from LinkedIn.  

LinkedIn’s partnership with Ashden is part of their new Green Skills Fund. In a blog post announcing the fund, LinkedIn’s Director of Global Environmental Sustainability Peggy Brannigan wrote: “As work continues to evolve, we are specifically seeing an increase in the need for green skills. Solving climate change is a human capital issue, and there is a rise in demand for and supply of green talent across the global workforce.  

She continued: “That’s why we are announcing the Green Skills Fund to invest in leading organizations around the world that are catalysing green skills development equitably.” 

LinkedIn will also support Ashden’s 2022 green skills awards, to be announced in early 2022.

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