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Ashden’s climate quiz of 2019

Craig Burnett

Senior Communications Officer

Ten teasing questions to measure your climate knowledge – answers at the foot of the page.

1. Why was Little Barford (population: 44) big news in August?

  • A: Record temperatures
  • B: First UK village powered entirely by renewables
  • C: Power station failure there triggered a major blackout

2. In November, which music act announced an initiative to help
bands and artist cut their carbon emissions?

  • A: Coldplay
  • B: Massive Attack
  • C: Bjork

3. According to analysis by the Global Carbon Project released
on December 4, what happened to global CO2 emissions in 2019?

  • A: They went up
  • B: They went down 

4. Every year, Britain’s car commutes include how many empty seats?

  • A: 26 million
  • B: 36 million
  • C: 46 million

5. Climate protests disrupted which prestigious sporting event in

  • A: The Harvard-Yale American football game
  • B: The Americas Cup sailing competition
  • C: The Oxford-Cambridge boat race

6. Which country hosts 15 of the world’s 20 most polluted
cities, according to analysts at AirVisual?

  • A: China
  • B: India
  • C: Brazil

7. How much UK giving goes to environmental causes?

  • A: 3%
  • B: 6%
  • C: 9%

8. Which didn’t mention climate change this year?

  • A: The Queen’s Speech 
  • B: Agenda of the 2019 Local Government Association Conference
  • C: Jeremy Clarkson’s Grand Tour TV show

9. Who announced plans to stop investing in fossil fuels by

  • A: The EU’s European Investment Bank
  • B: The World Bank
  • C: KfW, Germany’s state-owned investment bank

10. New climate initiative The Parents Pledge asks people to
give 0.25% of their savings and investments to climate causes. How much would
this unlock to fight the climate crisis?

  • A: $150 billion
  • B: $250 billion
  • C: $350 billion


1: C, 2: B, 3: A, 4: B, 5: A, 6: B, 7: A, 8: B, 9: A, 10: C

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