Coronavirus and energy access: an Ashden-led panel discussion at London Climate Action Week

The global pandemic has left global efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 7,  universal energy access by 2030, at a crossroads.

As part of London Climate Action Week, Ashden hosted a panel discussion with frontline experts to discuss the new ideas, partnerships and approaches that are urgently needed to enable enterprises to survive – and continue to scale. The panel explored relevant lessons from other development and sustainability sectors, and asked how new investors and partner organisations can help deliver energy access to more people.

The session also drew on insights from Ashden’s new report, Transforming Energy Access: an Ecosystem Approach, which was made possible with the support of the Wallace Global Fund.


You can now view the recording of the live event here.



  • Harriet Lamb, CEO, Ashden



  • Sarah Bieber, Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships, Acumen
  • Sandra Smithey, Director, Program & Philanthropic Engagement, Shine
  • Sabera Khan, Liaison Manager, Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia
  • Neha Juneja, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Greenway Appliances



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