Ashden helps photographer Rankin capture the stories of 10 Everyday Climate Heroes

10 Everyday Climate Heroes


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Everyday Climate Heroes

Ashden helps photographer Rankin capture the stories of 10 Everyday Climate Heroes

Meet the 10 Everyday Climate Heroes from up and down the UK, people and communities are stepping up to tackle climate change. They might not hit the headlines, but these climate heroes are lowering emissions and creating a fairer world.

That’s a message we sent to world leaders during the crucial COP26 climate summit, when we teamed up with photographer Rankin to highlight the climate action of 10 Everyday Climate Heroes.

Their images appeared online and on billboards from Amersham to Aberdeen and Grantham to Glasgow. The project spread the message far and wide that its people who make the difference in the fight against climate change.

The project was created by the Futerra Solutions Union, in partnership with Ashden and supported by Power to Change and Quaker.

So what makes an Everyday Climate Hero?

Three students in uniform against a yellow background      

Beth, Josh and Adam are pupils at St Vincent’s School in Liverpool. This school for the sensory impaired work is a member of the Let’s Go Zero campaign, which unites schools aiming to become zero carbon by 2030.

There are 32,000 schools in the UK and they create significant carbon emissions. Beth, Josh, Adam and all the other pupils at St Vincent’s are the Everyday Climate Heroes showing us how schools can reduce their emissions and inspire students to create a sustainable future for us all.



Marie Hand has been working at Kensa Heat Pumps for the past 15 years. Kensa produces ground source heat pumps, a reliable and efficient heating and cooling alternative to fossil fuels. Maire started her career at Kensa working on the factory floor and now oversees the production line, helping get heat pumps out of the door and enabling more people switch to renewable energy.

“I have a little granddaughter and I want her to grow up with better air and to not worry about global warming. It’s a privilege to do what I do – helping the climate and helping people to get out of fuel poverty and hopefully give them a better life. That’s why I do it – to try and make the world a better place, I guess.”


The other eight Everyday Climate Heroes include builders, farmers, journalists, fashion entrepreneurs and many others. Explore their inspiring stories at

If you want to read more about the Climate Heroes we celebrated at the Ashden Awards, click here 



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