Examining the "Hothouse Earth" scenario

How do we measure global average temperature?


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Ellie Mika

Many ask how do you work out a global average temperature? Well to begin with, scientists start with temperature measurements at lots of places around the world. Their aim is to understand and track changes in temperature so, they are converted from absolute temperature readings to temperature anomalies. This is the observed difference compared with the long-term average reading for the time and place. This is verified by lots of independent research groups across the globe to ensure accuracy and validity.

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Source: NOAA Climate.gov

This graph shows temperatures from 1900 to 2017.  The different coloured lines represent different research organisation’s data, demonstrating an overall upward trend.

However dreary this diagnosis may sound, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are solutions that are tackling these increasing global temperatures. Explore effective solutions to halt rising global temperatures here.

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