44 inspiring climate solutions from around the world that are tackling the climate crisis with practical action

Meet the 2020 Ashden Awards Longlist


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44 Organisations. 25+ Countries. One uniting goal. 

Today Ashden announces the longlist for the 2020 Ashden Awards. Each of these incredible organisations is a different puzzle piece in the global effort to tackle the climate crisis. We know we can only meet our ambitious climate targets by embracing a diverse range of solutions.

From food production to sustainable buildings, from energy access for refugees to greener cities, sustainable solutions exist for every aspect of our lives – we must do everything we can to help the organisations on our longlist reach more people.

Ashden CEO Harriet Lamb said: “As we begin the climate decade and build up to the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow, now is the time to focus on proven climate solutions.

“The strength of these longlisted organisations is a slap in the face for delayers of climate action – those who say the answers to the crisis are untested, unpopular or impractical.

“We have highlighted 44 hugely promising organisations and projects, all ready to scale up or share – and many more excellent entrants narrowly failed to make the final longlist underlining the strength of current innovation.

“Despite the achievements of these pioneers, the climate crisis is deepening, with global emissions rising 0.6% from 2018 to 2019. Climate innovators are doing all they can, but they urgently need funding and political backing. The world is watching – investors and politicians must deliver.”

In Cities

International Mobility:

Cool Cities, supported by K-CEP/Climateworks:


Sustainable built environment (Global), supported by Grosvenor:

Sustainable built environment (UK), supported by Garfield Weston Foundation:

Clean Air in UK Towns and Cities, supported by HSBC:

CrossBoundary Energy Access Holdings

People power

Energy and Livelihoods, supported by The Waterloo Foundation: 

Natural Climate Solutions:

Humanitarian Energy:

Harriet Lamb said: “With the crisis climate worsening every day, we were particularly keen to see solutions that could trigger systemic change – the sort of radical shift that will be vital in the years ahead. I’m delighted with the work we have found, which included new models for house building in the UK, new visions for more liveable cities, and new national programmes for connecting citizens with reliable electricity.

“Another key trend in this year’s list is the power of co-operatives and community groups, showing us that when people come together, even the most marginalised can drive climate action. And we saw powerful evidence of the co-benefits of sustainability – its power to immediately deliver jobs and skills, better health, greater gender equality, more pleasant cities and much more.”

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