Lets Go Zero wins nationwide support

More than 100 schools back zero carbon campaign


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A child puts something in a composting bin

Well over 100 UK schools have already joined the Let’s Go Zero campaign, pledging to go zero carbon by 2030.

By taking part they will receive advice, support and peer-learning opportunities. The campaign was launched in November and is run by Ashden in partnership with Global Action Plan, and a coalition of sustainable schools organisations.

As well as helping schools go green, the campaign aims to spark Government action – by showing the hunger of teachers, young people and their parents for greater sustainability.

119 pioneering schools, from Glasgow to Southampton, have joined the campaign so far. Their actions will inspire students and wider communities in the years ahead.

Ashden Schools Programme Manager Alex Green said: “Lets Go Zero has got off to an incredible start – schools around the country are eager to enjoy the benefits of going zero carbon. These include lower bills, warmer classrooms, cleaner air, healthier school food and more engaged pupils. Signing up is so easy, and even if you’re not a school leader, you can help by sharing the campaign with your local schools and asking them to take part.”

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Let’s Go Zero in the news

The campaign has made a big impact in the media too.

“Such a positive effect”

New Scientist celebrates sustainable schools in its ‘Fix The Planet’ Newsletter

The Yorkshire Greta?

In the Yorkshire Times Richmond student Mathilde Iveson calls on her MP, Chancellor Rishi Sunak, to back the campaign

“This is about empowering students”

The Telegraph asks how schools can cut emissions and inspire young people.

60% of energy used by schools is wasted

Headteacher Update reports on the campaign

The green revolution should start with schools

Students have their say at schoolsweek.co.uk

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