Road to zero carbon report: council action on green jobs and skills


Posted By: Emma Seery

Road to zero carbon: council action on green jobs and skills

A report for Friends of the Earth, Ashden and others on what councils can do to boost green skills in their areas, including for disadvantaged communities.


This report has been produced at a pivotal point in time. Impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic are still being felt by communities and businesses, the economy is yet to rebound, and government policy around the levelling up agenda has missed a vital opportunity to link the skills agenda with sustainability. What has emerged more strongly than before, is the need to grow back in a way that addresses the more impending challenge of the climate emergency – through the growth of green jobs and skills.

The research into this work has been delivered in conjunction with the local government sector, with contributions from industry, education, communities and a reference group, specifically convened to support the research. It builds on a body of evidence which is referenced throughout this report, and which seeks to define more action that can be taken to stimulate green jobs. It also builds on the work of Friends of the Earth – working through the Blueprint Coalition, formed of local government organisations, environmental NGOs, and academics and backed by around 100 councils – to identify ways to raise green jobs and skills up the agenda of local government. This report adds to that body of evidence, setting out the role of local government and its partners and identifying the action that should be taken now.

What’s in the report?

  • Context – why now?
  • What is a ‘green job’?
  • Diversity across green jobs
  • Role of local government
  • Where local government can have impact: recommendations

You can read the Road to Zero report here


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