Ashden Award winners on their recent success - and how Ashden has helped.

Sustainable energy innovation: the Ashden effect


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(2018 Ashden Award winner)

Q-Bot uses robots to apply underfloor insulation, an
efficient and quick way of driving down carbon emissions and energy bills. In
June 2019 the company secured £3m of investment, its latest success in a
period  of strong growth.

How did Ashden help? We arranged for Q-Bot to be showcased
at the global IEA Energy Efficiency Conference in Paris, in front of senior
government delegations from around the world. The company has also taken part
in Ashden masterclasses and received one-to-one support on improving their customer
experience. And an Ashden connection saw them profiled by the Energy Savings
Trust, a leading source of information for people wanting to retrofit their

CEO Mathew Holloway says: “Ashden has helped us take our
business to the next level. We knew we had a game-changing product delivering
huge benefits – but the extra support has allowed us to convince new markets
and grow the business.”

SteamaCo pick up their award


(2015 Ashden Award Winner)

SteamaCo offers the world’s most data efficient energy management
system. The company has just completed its most successful year to date,
scaling its service to ten countries by the end of 2018. Today it has sold
34,000 smart meters in ten countries in Africa and Asia, directly serving
150,000 people.

Harrison Leaf, CEO, said: “Throughout the last year, we have
increased our customer reach and are now operating in Asia for the first time.
We have designed and implemented several world-first features for customers
operating in challenging environments ranging from urban street markets in
Nigeria to rural villages in Myanmar.

“Helped by the mark of integrity an Ashden Award brings, and
connections made through the Ashden network, we have continued fulfilling our
mission to connect the unconnected. We are excited to see what the rest of 2019
will bring.”

The Low Carbon Hub

(2016 Ashden Award Winner)

The Low Carbon Hub develops community-owned renewable energy
projects in Oxfordshire and uses the profits to catalyse further carbon cutting
action. This year’s highlights include the launch of Local Energy Oxfordshire;
the £40m project will see them work with energy companies, universities and
councils, to trial ways of re-engineering the technology and markets driving
Britain’s energy system. The Low Carbon Hub has also developed its first
retrofit service – helping make the county’s homes more
energy efficient.

As a small organisation with few resources, the
trust is particularly pleased with Ashden’s free masterclass events – which it
has used to boost its communications, customer service and more. Social Impact
Director Saskya Huggins says: “The workshops are always practical and really
high quality. We can take back the learning and use it the next day. The
networking aspect is great too – partly for exploring collaborations, but also
for meeting people striving for the same things as us.”

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The Ashden Awards 2019

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