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If you are a decision maker in philanthropy, business or government seeking to accelerate transformative climate solutions and build a more just world, we want to work with you. 

Why partner with Ashden?

Supporting  Ashden means supporting  high-impact climate innovation, from energy access for the world’s most marginalised people to warmer homes and sustainable schools in the UK. We have a particular focus on skills and better work – the pathway to an inclusive zero carbon future.

Working with Ashden brings our partners unique insights and connection to the most inspiring climate solutions. We regularly share insight such as the findings of our awards research process, our annual discovery of the most socially impactful climate solutions.

Strong networks drive everything we do, so we are well placed to link funders with inspiring thinkers and changemakers from across the world.

We are an expert voice on today’s biggest climate topics such as energy access, sustainable cities, natural climate solutions, sustainable cooling and community engagement.

We look to the future with our work to create sustainable schools and inspire future generations – while our focus on the refugee crisis reflects a desire to leave no family behind. 

Partner with Ashden for a fairer, more equal world

We are pleased to work with a diverse group of partners – because we know that taking on the climate crisis demands change in every corner of society. What matters to us are shared values: a commitment to radically lowered emissions, but also to building a fairer and more equal world. We are proud that our partners are as excited by this challenge as we are. 

If you share those values, we would love to hear from you. Contact our Director of Business Development Ed Dean here to find out more. 

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Amplifying our partnerships

As experienced climate storytellers – creating impact online, on film, and in the press – we know how to make sure our funders’ support for game-changing innovation is well recognised. From co-hosted webinars to tailored staff briefings, we aim to create unique collaborations with all our partners. 

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What do our funders say?

“Ashden are instrumental in creating dialogue and raising the profile of climate innovation.”

MCS Charitable Foundation is proud to support Ashden’s local authority hubs project. Doing so has brought us closer to powerful grassroots innovation – work that can be scaled up to deliver a low-carbon future.”

Get in touch:

Contact Ed Dean, Director of Business Development

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