Powering Climate Solutions For a Just Transition

Ashden's mission: to accelerate transformative climate solutions and build a more just world

Ashden’s 2022-25 strategy focuses on building more equal and sustainable societies: societies powered by low-carbon organisations and policies, liveable cities, good green jobs and clean energy for all. 

We will commit to discovering, amplifying, scaling and connecting the brightest climate innovations. In particular, we will elevate organisations and projects that boost green skills, jobs and livelihoods, and create ecological and social benefits for all. 

We are seeking to raise and invest £9m to achieve this work.

Boosting Green Skills, Jobs and Livelihoods

We will support organisations building the innovations and workforce to create universal energy access in developing countries, and deliver sustainable homes, schools and energy systems in the UK.

The solutions, models, pathways and policies we champion will prove that tackling the climate crisis goes hand in hand with creating fair, inclusive and resilient economies. In fact, a just transition is essential to achieving climate action at the scale and pace required.


Our Theory of Change

Ashden theory of change

It All Starts With the Ashden Awards

Since our founding 20 years ago, 245 innovators in low-income countries and the UK have enjoyed publicity, grants, and exposure to funders and investors as Ashden Award winners.

“The award immediately helped us as we could use the prize money to solve urgent gaps, support our entrepreneurs, lift our heads up and focus towards the future” – Build Up Nepal

“Winning an Ashden Award gave us greater credibility with funders and investors, and raised the profile of our innovative clean cooking solution around the world” – Sistema.bio

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Our 2022 Awards

The Ashden Awards catalyse change. In the years ahead, they will drive progress towards a fairer world and clean energy for all – by powering up green skills, jobs and livelihoods. ​

Our international awards will elevate organisations ensuring access to energy can transform rural livelihoods; training institutions; cooling and energy access for refugees and host communities. ​

Our UK awards will also focus on green jobs and skills – as well as new low-carbon technologies, and communities tackling the climate crisis.

Could You Support an Ashden Award?

It costs £110,000 to run an international award, and £85,000 to run a UK award. This funding covers a prize for the winner and the resources needed to elevate their solutions and help them scale.

International awards

  • Skills for Energy Access – celebrating training institutions and programmes

  • Energy and Livelihoods – promoting work enterprises and projects in rural areas

  • Energy and Cooling – boosting sustainable cooling chain

  • Humanitarian Energy – accelerating work with refugees and host communities

UK awards

  • Green Skills (supported by Garfield Weston Foundation​) – Building the workforce for a low-carbon UK​

  • Green Communities ​-  Supporting community groups and initiatives helping more people take climate action​

  • Climate Innovation (supported by Impax Asset Management) – backing rapid decarbonisation in key sectors

We secure global media coverage for climate pioneers

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