Resources to help your business go green

And see the benefits, from lower production costs to accessing new finance

Make sure your business is ready for the coming changes as the UK economy decarbonises, so that you can keep up with competitors, prepare for new regulations and win new customers.

Or use this handy tool from Zero Carbon Business to get a bespoke net zero plan tailored to your SME's sector and location.

The business landscape and what's coming

The UK’s business landscape is changing. For SMEs, greening their business means opportunity. It’s an important step in improving their operational efficiency as well as keeping up with competitors and changing regulations such as the government’s 2050 net-zero ambition.


85% of investors consider environmental and social factors in their decisions


84% of employees are more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to environmental issues


Between 2010-2019, ethical consumer spending in the UK rose from £46bn to £98bn

See how other SMEs are adapting to these changes

Toast Ale, London

Toast Ale brews beer with surplus bread from industrial bakeries. As well as tackling food waste – with 1.4 million cans and bottles sold in 2021 – the company is inspiring consumers, politicians and the wider drinks industry to take action on sustainability.

Find out how this has helped Toast Ale cut waste, partner with global brands, lower costs and win investment.

Frog Bikes, Berkshire

Frog Bikes designs and manufactures lightweight children’s bikes. Their actions on sustainability includes minimising packaging, creating an approved trade-in service, and even using rice husks instead of plastic in their pedals.

Find out how this is helping motivate staff, lower production costs and access new funding.

Dogobees, York

Indepdent hairdressers Dogobees uses sustainably sourced products, has swapped plastic bottles for reusable glass ones, and is reducing waste water with eco shower heads.

FInd out how their green USP is attracting eco-conscious customers who are willing to pay more for sustainable products and services.

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