Save money by cutting energy, water and fuel use

Rocketing prices have made tackling energy, water and fuel use more attractive than ever. Taking action will reduce business costs as well as emissions.

Here’s how you can save money for your business by cutting energy, water and fuel use.

1. Reduce the impact of rising energy costs

Government research has found the average SME could reduce its energy bill by up to 25% by installing energy efficiency measures and helping staff change their behaviour.

Easy no-cost actions include turning off equipment when it’s not in use, and making sure heating and air conditioning are only used when needed. Switching energy supplier creates savings too.  Upgrading to more modern lighting and boilers has an initial cost, but brings benefits in the long run.

Friendly reminders to staff can also reduce your bills. And
these can also help employees think pro-actively about energy use when they are
making buying decisions, designing new products, or tackling maintenance



Use this free checklist from the Energy Saving Trust to identify energy waste at your premises

2. Act on water waste


Many of the steps above – such as carrying out an audit, investing in modern technology and reminding staff to take action – all apply to tackling water waste too. 

Research from Southern Water found a single dripping tap can waste 5,500 litres a year, while the cost of leaks from a single toilet can be up to £500.



Explore this advice from regulator Ofwat on how to reduce costs – including how you might be eligible for rebates from your supplier.

3. Lower your travel costs

Supporting remote working is one way to cut travel costs – watch this two-minute video to see the benefits and challenges of helping employees work remotely. 

Another potential saving comes from investing in electric vehicles. If you’re considering equipping your business with one or more electric vehicles, free guidance and tools from the Energy Saving Trust can help – including a quick calculator that shows whether an electric van is the right choice.



Explore this list of funding opportunities by Zero Carbon Business to see what grants or green loans can help your business adopt remote working or electric vehicles.

More resources to help your business go green

Whatever business you’re in, our free resources show how you can use action on sustainability:


Acess finance and funding


Recruit and retain staff

case studies

Case studies:
Examples of how SMEs are going green and growing their business.

Or use this handy tool from Zero Carbon Business to get a bespoke net zero plan tailored to your SME's sector and location.

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