Local Authority Learning Hubs

In different regions of the UK, Ashden is helping local authorities work together to drive down emissions and create happier, healthier communities.

Councils are under pressure to tackle the climate and biodiversity emergencies, while also putting in place adaptation and resilience plans. They need to act fast, with practical solutions that bring everyday benefits such as better jobs and clean air, as well as lower emissions.

These proven climate solutions already exist. Right now they are unlocking greener transport, warmer homes, improved community cohesion and much more. But local authorities are under pressure with limited resources, and sometimes lack the skills and expertise to create change. We don’t have time for councils to learn in isolation or act alone.

That’s why we set local authority learning hubs, identifying successful initiatives and showing how they can be quickly adapted and implemented locally. Each of the hubs has a different focus, chosen based on feedback from the region’s local authorities. 

Where are the learning hubs – and what are they tackling?

North East England 

Home upgrades: driving down carbon emissions and fuel bills.

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Greater London

Delivering strong citizen and community engagement with limited resources. 

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If you are based in the regions and are interested in taking part, contact simon.brammer@ashden.org

News, resources and events for local authorities

Our towns and cities bulletin helps you deliver high-impact climate action. Discover useful tools and opportunities, whatever your council’s size and budget.

Learning Out Loud: Insights from the local authority learning hubs

Video resources: home retrofit

Case studies and practical advice to help authorities lower emissions, create jobs and tackle fuel poverty.

Video resources: engaging citizens in climate action

Watch presentations from our workshops, including profiles of tried-and-tested solutions.

Video resources: sustainable procurement

Expert speakers share insights on how green procurement can save costs and cut emissions.

Green skills and warmer homes: where can councils make a difference?

Action can create jobs and address fuel poverty.

Thinking local helps Durham County Council deliver sustainable procurement

How to create social value.

"Be truthful" - and four more tips on working closely with residents

Advice from experts Repowering London.

Good community engagement needs a plan

The truth about involving ‘hard to reach’ communities.

Green bonds and community shares boost citizen engagement

Innovative funding approaches connect councils with residents.

Practical tips for community engagement

Plus: inspiring active travel and community energy initiatives.

Greener procurement & commissioning offer councils carbon savings

Local authorities in North East England share challenges and innovation.

London’s councils work to engage residents on climate

How can authorities work with whole communities to plan and deliver climate action?

How can councils commission, procure and manage contracts to deliver climate goals?

Expert Philip Duddell offers practical advice for measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of goods and services.


Rewards of doughnut decision-making: Cornwall Council takes on the climate emergency

 Cornwall councillor Edwina Hannaford shares her insight on setting Cornwall Council’s climate action plan by applying the doughnut economics model to their decision-making wheel.

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