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Meet the 2023 Ashden Award winners

The 2024 Ashden Awards are now open for applications

The annual Ashden Awards are free to enter, and benefits for winners include a cash grant and access to funders. Ashden winners come in all shapes and sizes. Where could an Ashden Award take your organisation next year?

Growing a Regenerative Economy: the winners

This year’s awards are also boosting nature-based climate solutions. In the UK we’re supporting future farmers and people-powered climate adaptation projects, while our natural climate solutions award recognises the vital work of Indigenous Communities.

Powering a Fairer Future: the winners

Our 2023 awards are boosting access to clean, affordable energy in the Global South and energy innovation in the UK.

Meet the bright sparks raising incomes, tackling hunger, lowering fuel bills and leading the way with renewable energy innovation.

Your gift will bring clean, affordable energy to people fleeing violence and persecution

Could you rebuild your life without the means to light your home, charge your phone, or earn a living? That’s the challenge faced by millions of refugees in the Global South.

Donating to Ashden’s BBC Radio 4 appeal will fund grants and other support for frontline organisations – often led by refugees themselves – tackling this problem.

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