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The 2023 Ashden Award for

Powering Agriculture

What is the Powering Agriculture award?

Tackling hunger and poverty in the Global South

Award prize: £25,000

Supported by: UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero 

Clean power could be game-changing for millions of small-scale farmers in low-income countries. Access to it can bring everything from irrigation that boosts crop yields, to cold storage that stops fruit and vegetables rotting in the fields. But in villages most threatened by the climate crisis, reliable and affordable energy is limited or non-existent.  

The Ashden Award for Energising Agriculture will reward trailblazers helping off-grid communities grow, store and process their crops. This award is open to entrepreneurs and innovators seeking agriculture funding for accessible solutions that raise incomes, improve nutrition and create resilience in the face of rising temperatures and extreme weather. 

The 2023 Powering Agriculture award


CInI helps women in India’s Central Tribal Belt use clean energy to raise their incomes – and become leaders in their communities.

Mobility for Africa’s Hambas – custom-built electric tricycles – are providing transport for rural women, boosting their livelihoods, access to social services and saving their valuable time.


Farmer Lifeline Technologies helps farmers in Kenya beat pests and disease – with an affordable solar-powered device that scans crops for signs of danger.

In India, Oorja Development Solutions are pioneering an inclusive pay-per-use model that brings solar-powered farming services to marginalised communities.

Key 2023 Award dates

applications open

18 January2023

Applications Closed

8 March 2023



Finalists announced


Winners announced at award ceremony


Meet past Powering Agriculture winners

Previous Energising Agriculture award winners provide excellent examples of replicable models supporting off-grid communities to grow and store their crops, while raising their incomes:

2022 Energising Agriculture Award winner

This social enterprise brings solar-powered cold rooms to the country’s smallholder farmers and helps them get a better, more reliable income for what they grow. 

2021 Regenerative Agriculture Award winner

YICE trains rural communities in the country’s Kassanda District in permaculture farming. The organisation focuses its support on marginalised groups such as women, young people and refugees, who may otherwise lack the knowledge and skills to farm successfully.


Join the 2023 Ashden Awards ceremony

Tuesday 14 November 2023

Held in London and streamed online

This November, journey with us – from Liverpool to Kenya, Brecon to Peru – to meet the grassroots innovators transforming the way we work to upskill communities, supporting those most in need and protecting our planet

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