2022 Submissions Now Open: Apply by 15 March, 2022

Frontline Climate Action


Climate Action at Work:
The Ashden Awards 2022

The Ashden Awards 2022 are now open

Calling all climate pioneers transforming the world of work! Is your project helping boost green skills and training, create new decent jobs, and accelerate the transition to a more inclusive, green economy? We want to hear from you.

The climate is changing – and so is the world of work

As we move towards a low-carbon future, everyone’s work will be affected by the huge changes, and challenges, that lie ahead. We’re supporting innovators and entrepreneurs already powering up a new green workforce and setting countries on the path to a low-carbon future.

Climate action at work

This year’s Ashden Awards will boost climate innovators delivering the roles and skills to help make every job a green job – building a new world of work, tackling injustice and supporting people left behind by today’s economies. 

Meet the UK's Everyday Climate Heroes

Ashden teams up with photographer Rankin to capture the stories of 10 Everyday Climate Heroes – people and communities across the UK who are stepping up to tackle climate change. They might not hit the headlines, but these climate heroes are lowering emissions and creating a fairer world.

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We bring together frontline innovators, investors, campaigners and analysts from the climate sector and beyond.

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