International Climate Solutions

We are proud to support innovation in some of the world’s most marginalised communities.

People in the Global South are at greatest risk from the climate crisis, a deadly threat they did little to create. Many also go without clean and affordable energy, a crucial tool for creating a brighter future.

Climate solutions tackle these problems and create a fairer world – whether bringing solar power to farmers and refugees, or supporting Indigenous forest communities.

Our awards and programmes supercharge these solutions. They boost them with grants and publicity, and connect them with funders, investors and policymakers.

Ashden’s work in the Global South is shaped by our strategic focus on jobs, skills and livelihoods. The organisations we support are creating higher incomes in threatened and vulnerable groups, breaking down barriers between training and employment, and laying the foundations for inclusive low-carbon economies.

Powering up energy access

For two decades, we have sparked change with clean, affordable energy. The innovators we back have improved hundreds of thousands of lives, helping people learn, earn, cook safely and enjoy their free time. Their work has powered new businesses, lit up homes, and switched on schools and health clinics. 

But one billion people still lack access to energy – and these are the people most at risk from the climate emergency.

That’s why we’ve launched Power Up – a coalition campaign urging greater investment and support for energy access. Power Up is amplifying Africa’s call for change, and putting the spotlight on organisations working directly with affected communities.

Clean energy for refugees

Energy access for refugees and displaced people is a central to our work. In recent years we have supported solar-powered Wi-Fi and cold storage for displaced people, as well as solar minigrid businesses led by female entrepreneurs.

We are also developing new ways for refugee-led enterprises to win funding and investment, driving change across the humanitarian sector. We are doing this as a partner in Transforming Humanitarian Energy Access, a global advocacy and research programme from the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

Powering Africa with African hands:

boosting green skills across the continent

Growing natural climate solutions

Around the world, Indigenous communities are guardians of the forests and waterways that protect us all from the effects of climate change. That’s why Ashden boosts the projects and organisations helping these communities defend their rights and develop sustainable ways to earn  a living. From Brazil to Borneo, we support a better future for marginalised Indigenous people.

Time for action

We need a transformation, one driven by communities and the frontline enterprises and organisations that serve and understand them. We know these innovators have the skills and tools to push things forward. We’ve seen it happen. But real progress will only come with the backing of committed investors and funders, informed policymakers, and supportive charities and NGOs.

If you can help, we want to work with you. We bring connections to frontline organisations and key players in the global climate sector – as well as high-impact stories and films, incisive analysis, and a hunger for radical action. 


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