The 2024 Ashden Awards. An award winner is stood on stage whilst raising their award towards the sky in joy.

The Ashden Awards

Celebrating inclusive, inspiring climate solutions 

The Ashden Awards are all about impact – supporting climate innovators to build a fair and sustainable future. Our winners bring clean energy to refugee camps, make homes in UK warm and energy efficient, and protect our rivers and forests.  

A male and female installing solar panels on a roof

Meet our 2024 winners

The winners are driven by epic climate ambition and the search for climate justice. They’re lowering emissions and building a fairer world, with smart, inclusive solutions for the UK and Global South. Leading the way to a future where green businesses thrive, nature flourishes, and communities own and enjoy the benefits of climate action. 

Are you a 2024 Ashden Award winner?

We’ve helped past winners and finalists earn investment and global media coverage, and connect with policymakers, partners and funders. The Ashden Awards are free to enter, and offer a cash prize of up to £25,000.  We’re proud to create opportunities for our innovators years after their award win, through the Ashden network. 

Entries for this year’s awards are now closed, but you can already register your interest for our 2024 prizes.


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Our past winners:

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Our policy work creates opportunities for proven climate solutions, including those discovered through our awards, to thrive. Insights gathered through the awards give us a unique and valuable perspective on tackling the biggest climate challenges.


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