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We think it’s time to power up the fight against climate change. To aim higher. To go faster. Time to work strategically, backing solutions that tackle the climate crisis alongside humanity’s other great challenges. Time for system change driven by the skills and knowledge of frontline innovators.

By supporting Ashden you’re helping world-leading climate innovators scale up and achieve transformational change. You’re supporting sustainable transport, sustainable buildings and energy for millions currently going without. You’re supporting natural climate solutions and the fight against deadly heatwaves. You’re supporting clean air, better work, united communities, justice and equality.

Our promise to funders is simple

That because of our unique connections, deep expertise and passion for radical transformation, your money will go further. Discover what drives us and how we achieve change – or learn more about our impact. Or see how we work in partnership with institutions, companies and individuals.

Strong networks are at the heart of everything we do

Of course, this is about much more than money. Our funders are never simply making a donation – they want to share their expertise, enthusiasm and values. We’re delighted to support this approach. Strong networks are at the heart of everything we do, and we make sure funders stay close to our work and the innovators we support. 

A Better, Brighter Future

We asked a couple of funders why they work with Ashden. Bloomberg NEF said we were instrumental in creating dialogue and raising the profile of climate innovation. K-CEP, a global philanthropic partnership for better cooling solutions, praised our “people, mission and passion”.

We’re delighted with that feedback – but we know there’s much more to do. And we believe you can help. 

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