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It’s time to power up the fight against climate change.

We build long-term relationships with philanthropic trusts and foundations, working together to scale transformative grassroots solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

What matters to us are shared values: a commitment to radically lowered emissions, but also to building a fairer and more equal world. We are proud that our partners are as excited by this challenge as we are.

We are authentic and collaborative. We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion. We put people and planet first. If you share those values, we would love to hear from you. 

Support all our work, or tackle specific issues

We value every trust or foundation we work with, and take an open and collaborative approach to our partnerships.

We welcome support for specific areas of our work, such as empowering refugees and indigenous communities in the Global South, or UK schools and community groups. We can also collaborate on key climate challenges – such as bringing clean energy to off-grid communities, or creating energy efficient homes in the UK.

We also receive vital unrestricted funds. These funds allow us to remain innovative and respond to changing contexts so that we can make impact where it’s needed most.

“MCS Charitable Foundation is proud to support Ashden’s local authority hubs project. Doing so has brought us closer to powerful grassroots innovation – work that can be scaled up to deliver a low-carbon future.”

Partnership with Ashden brings powerful benefits


We monitor all our work, so you know exactly how your funding is creating impact.

Connections to changemakers

Strong networks drive everything we do. So, we are well placed to link partners with inspiring thinkers and changemakers from across the world.

Insights and expertise

Our ongoing search for the most socially impactful climate solutions, through the annual Ashden Awards, provides unique insights which we share with our partners. We value and respect the expertise of our partners, inviting them to speak at our events and join our awards judging panels.


We run inspiring events where you can see our impact up close, and connect with transformative climate pioneers, policy makers and other sector stakeholders.

Together, we create impact.

We’ve built strong partnerships for more than 20 years

Climateworks was the funder and delivery partner of Ashden’s $1million Fair Cooling Fund, a three-year project scaling up frontline fair cooling solutions.


The Garfield Weston Foundation has supported Ashden for 11 years, helping to spotlight and scale innovators in sustainable buildings and green skills. As the funder of multiple Ashden Awards, the foundation has joined our judging panels to share its own expertise and gather unique insights.

Our Partners

Every trust and foundation we work with is bringing us closer to a cleaner, fairer world. We couldn’t do it without them.

Our partners include trusts and foundations, businesses, government bodies, multilateral organisations, local authorities, and universities.

We partner with and receive funding from organisations who have put sustainability at the heart of their operations and mission, and who share Ashden’s vision of a low-carbon future and a more just world.

We will not go into partnership with organisations that could conflict with our aims and values. This includes:

  • Companies and associated philanthropic organisations whose primary purpose is fossil fuel extraction and production.
  • Companies in the financial services sector who are funding new fossil fuel extraction.
  • Companies in sectors whose business model is fundamentally incompatible with a low-carbon future.
  • Organisations whose operations could have a negative impact on the groups or communities we support.

Give with confidence

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