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Tools for councils

Our tools and resources support councils to cut emissions while delivering jobs and skills, better health, warmer homes, improved transport, green spaces, and more. So what can your council do next?

Climate Action Co-benefits Toolkit

☑Build the business case for climate action

The Ashden Climate Action Co-Benefits Toolkit helps local authorities persuade decision makers and partners to invest in a zero carbon future.

It lays out how lowering emissions also creates improved health, social equality, thriving economies and community resilience. These wider benefits engage citizens in climate action – boosting public support for further change.

The toolkit features case studies, region-specific data, and links to a wide range of resources, including reports and videos.

31 Actions Tool for Councils

☑Pick the right actions for your residents

Our list of 31 climate actions – all quantified in terms of likely carbon savings, approximate cost and co-benefits – helps councils choose the right interventions for their communities. They also point to examples of best practice around the UK. 

The actions were co-developed by Ashden, Friends of the Earth and CDP.

How can councils engage citizens in climate action?

Learn more about our work with UK councils and municipalities.

News, resources and events for local authorities

Our towns and cities bulletin helps you deliver high-impact climate action. Discover useful tools and opportunities, whatever your council’s size and budget.

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