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Sustainable Towns and Cities

Working with councils and community groups across the UK to make sustainable towns and cities a reality.

Taking on the UK’s biggest climate challenges is about more than lowering emissions. Upgrading our draughty homes fights fuel poverty and creates new jobs, while nurturing parks and forests protects us from extreme weather, and helps people stay fit and healthy. And by making sure climate action is inclusive, it unites communities and fights inequality.

That’s why we work with councils and communities right across the country. They are experts in their place, and so are well equipped to develop equitable and targeted climate solutions which work for them. 

We help them access the support, knowledge, funding and connections they need to go faster – to charge up the best climate innovation and make sure its benefits are reaching the most marginalised groups and communities.

Our work

How do we help create liveable and sustainable cities?

  • Amplify best practice by Ashden Award winners and other climate pioneers. We do this through events, networks, toolkits and our digital Learning Out Loud platform
  • Support councils and communities to work together and deliver more impact on climate action
  • Use our insights to influence policy on key climate issues, like creating green jobs and warm, energy-efficient homes.

Our impact

  • Our networks are directly supporting over 80 local and regional authorities to develop their climate action plans and turn their ambitions into reality.
  • Our Climate Change Co-Benefits Toolkit, developed with local authority staff, persuades councillors, politicians, financial directors, department heads and others to deliver climate action. The toolkit has been downloaded more than 8,000 times and appears in more than 100 local authority climate action plans.
  • We’ve shared insights with ministers and shadow ministers, and Ashden plays a prominent role in advocacy coalitions and other networks including the Blueprint Coalition, Warm this Winter, and the National Retrofit Hub.

Explore climate action around the UK

We champion exciting climate solutions to inspire and support change – finding them through our networks and annual Ashden Awards. Use our map to explore groundbreaking council and community projects near you, and pick up ideas and practical advice for recreating them. 

See how pioneers overcame common barriers, like winning funding or reaching diverse communities. You can also search by theme – from tree-planting to transport.

Policy briefings

We draw on our ‘on the ground’ insights and learning to make evidence-based policy asks to influence national government

We’re urging the UK government to back the smart policies that will help councils, communities and businesses secure a fairer zero carbon future. 

News, resources and events for local authorities

Our towns and cities bulletin helps you deliver high-impact climate action. Discover useful tools and opportunities, whatever your council’s size and budget.

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