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Communities want sustainable solutions. We help councils deliver.

Sustainable cities power a low-carbon future ​

More than 80% of UK residents live in an urban area – and towns and cities account for most of our carbon emissions. So sustainable cities are crucial to creating a better, fairer society. Tackling issues like fuel poverty and air pollution in cities reduces inequality and wins citizens support for further change. This ‘co-benefits approach’ is at the heart of what we do.

Backing local climate action

Local authorities and city-regions can drive efforts to build back better after coronavirus. Sustainable cities will unlock new and well-paid jobs, better physical and mental health, improved housing and green spaces, and community resilience. Councils know what communities need – so a locally-focused approach is essential to ensure a just transition.

But authorities are over-stretched, under-resourced, and often working in isolation. We bring them together, share best practice, highlight opportunities and create connections and partnerships.

Our response to the UK green skills shortage ​

Tools and resources for councils

Learning hubs and networks for local authorities

Authorities and city-regions shouldn’t face this challenge alone. We know that strong networks are essential for turning bold plans into real-world change. That’s why we’ve created a host of programmes and projects linking councils, climate innovators and local communities. With demand for ‘shovel-ready’ sustainability projects greater than ever, our networks connect policymakers and funders with inspiring examples of proven success, boosting knowledge-sharing and collaboration. 



Local Authority Learning Hubs

In three regions of the UK, Ashden is helping local authorities work together to drive down emissions and create happier, healthier communities. Each of the three hubs has a different focus, chosen based on feedback from the region’s local authorities. 

City Region Networks

Ashden’s City-Region Network is a unique resource for climate and sustainability leads from England’s city regions and combined authorities. Its regular workshops allow senior officers to share learning, collaborate, and speed up climate action across the country.

North of Tyne

We’re working with councils in the North of Tyne to create a new way of developing policies. Using creative tools, we’re helping unlock a new policy development methodology that delivers climate action and powerful community benefits. 

News, resources and events for local authorities

Our towns and cities bulletin helps you deliver high-impact climate action. Discover useful tools and opportunities, whatever your council’s size and budget.

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