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Communities want sustainable solutions. We help councils deliver.

Taking on the UK’s biggest climate challenges is about more than lowering emissions or. Upgrading our draughty homes fights fuel poverty and creates new jobs, while nurturing parks and forests protects us from extreme weather, and helps people stay fit and healthy. And by making sure climate action is inclusive, it unites communities and fights inequality.

That’s why we work with councils and communities right across the country:  They are experts in their place, and so are well equipped to develop equitable, pragmatic, and targeted climate solutions which work for them. 

But many of these people are struggling to access the support, knowledge, funding and connections they need to go faster. That’s where Ashden’s networks, insights, awards and consultancy come in.

We work with partners to charge up the best climate innovation, and make sure its benefits are reaching the most marginalised groups and communities – those at greatest risk from the climate crisis. Please join us to make that fairer, better future a reality.


Tools and resources for councils

Consultancy: helping you create high-impact climate action

Ashden consultancy is rooted in our deep knowledge of tried and tested climate solutions, and the challenges and opportunities faced by local authorities. 

Particular areas of focus include the skills and jobs driving climate action, retrofit to create energy efficient homes, and community engagement and inclusion. In these and other areas, we understand the hallmarks of trailblazing, effective and inclusive climate solutions. We also analyse the policy and finance that levers can unlock change at a local, regional and national level. 

Ashden backs Warm this Winter campaign

We all deserve to be warm in our own home, but soaring energy prices mean that many millions of people in the UK are struggling to pay their bills. We’re calling on the government to act now to help people cut their bills with better insulation.

Learning hubs and networks for local authorities

Policy & lobbying

Green means opportunity for UK SMEs

Small businesses told us how going green helped them grow their business and prepare for a financially secure future. Hear their stories and find resources to help your business follow their lead.

Our response to the UK green skills shortage

The UK is drastically short of the skills needed to build a low-carbon economy – particularly those linked to making our homes more energy efficient. But we simply don’t have the workforce to take on the job. The benefits of backing green skills are enormous

News, resources and events for local authorities

Our towns and cities bulletin helps you deliver high-impact climate action. Discover useful tools and opportunities, whatever your council’s size and budget.

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The path to a green recovery

UK Climate Champions

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