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It’s time to power up the fight against climate change.

At Ashden, we partner with businesses putting climate and equity at the heart of their organisation, who share our vision of a zero-carbon world.

We seek partners as committed as we are to creating green jobs and a just transition, and who are bringing their workforce, customers and communities with them on this journey.

We are authentic and collaborative. We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion. We put people and planet first. If you share our values, we would love to hear from you.

“Ashden are instrumental in creating dialogue and raising the profile of climate innovation.” - BloombergNEF

Partnership with Ashden brings powerful benefits

We value every corporate partner we work with, and take an open and collaborative approach to every partnership.

Our starting point is always understanding how our values and strategies align, and how we can work together to create the biggest impact. We do this by sharing knowledge and expertise, forging new connections and collaborations, partnering on thought leadership and insight, and working together on inspiring communications.

Join networks

Strong networks drive everything we do, and we link funders with inspiring thinkers and changemakers from across the world.

Gain unique insights

Our tracking of the most socially impactful climate solutions generates unique insights, which we regularly share with our partners.

Influence the climate conversation

We are an expert voice on today’s biggest climate challenges: from widening access to energy in the Global South, to decarbonising UK schools. Together we can generate and amplify powerful messaging on climate issues.

Spend time with climate pioneers

We run inspiring events across the year where you can see our impact up close, and connect with transformative climate pioneers, policy makers and other key stakeholders in the climate space.

Together, we create impact.

For over 20 years we’ve built strong strategic partnerships

Impax Asset Management has sponsored our awards in UK energy innovation award for 9 years. Impax give technical input and strategic advice as we hunt for climate trailblazers, and in return gain unique insights into cutting-edge innovation.


IKEA UK is the corporate partner for Let’s Go Zero, a coalition campaign uniting schools as they work to become zero carbon by 2030. Together we have engaged politicians on the issue, leading to new national policies, given IKEA staff the chance to help make schools more sustainable.

Our Partners.

Every trust and foundation we work with is bringing us closer to a cleaner, fairer world. We couldn’t do it without them.

Our partners include trusts and foundations, businesses, government bodies, multilateral organisations, local authorities, and universities.

We partner with and receive funding from organisations who have put sustainability at the heart of their operations and mission, and who share Ashden’s vision of a low-carbon future and a more just world.

We will not go into partnership with organisations that could conflict with our aims and values. This includes:

  • Companies and associated philanthropic organisations whose primary purpose is fossil fuel extraction and production.
  • Companies in the financial services sector who are funding new fossil fuel extraction.
  • Companies in sectors whose business model is fundamentally incompatible with a low-carbon future.
  • Organisations whose operations could have a negative impact on the groups or communities we support.

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