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Introducing the 2024 Ashden Awards judges


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The annual Ashden Awards boost outstanding, inclusive climate innovation. Panels of expert judges have a key role in the process – examining the entries, interviewing the people behind them, and debating who should be honoured with a prize. 

We’d like to thank the fantastic judges helping us this year. They include academics, investors, experts from civil society, journalists, business leaders, and many others. You can see a full list at the bottom of this post.  

How are the 2024 Ashden Awards being judged?

After an open application period from November 2023 to January 2024, Ashden’s staff chose shortlists of organisations for each category. These were shared with the relevant judging panel, who have decided our finalists, and will meet again next month to choose the ultimate winners. 

Different panels judge each award, with each group tailored to the specific award category. This means the bright sparks judging our energy access categories understand powering change in the Global South, while those in other categories go wild for nature-based climate solutions.  

The process is rigorous, and hearing the voices of applicants themselves is vital. In the first stage of judging, judges look at recorded interviews with the shortlisted organisations – as well as application forms, financial assessments and the views of referees. In the final stage, judges look at more information gathered by Ashden staff, and the organisations themselves dial in to the judging meeting. There, they answer questions and share more details about their work and its impact. 

How is judging inclusive – and what are judges looking for?

The judging panels are designed to feature a mix of ages, genders, and backgrounds, with panel members holding a wide range of roles in the public, private and non-profit sectors. They also include people with relevant lived experience. For example, the judges in our refugee energy category include people with experience of being displaced. 

The criteria for each award varies – but common measures include whether the benefits of the organisation’s solution reach across society, its power to create green skills and jobs, and whether local communities and end-users have a say in how it’s delivered. 

What next?

This year’s champions will be announced in a ceremony on June 27 at the Institute of Engineering and Technology, part of London Climate Action Week. Winners receive grants, global publicity and connection to funders, investors and partners. 

The 2024 Ashden Awards judges

Ashden Award for Energising Refugees and Displaced People, supported by the Linbury Trust and the J.A.C Trust 

Ashok Sinha  

Daniela Lloyd-Williams  

Sarah Butler-Sloss  

JeanPaul Kasika  

Lama Gharaibeh  

Sarah Rosenberg-Jansen  

Abid Kazim  

Ashden Award for Natural Climate Solutions (Global South), supported by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero 

Aditi Shah  

Ashok Sinha  

Dan Grishin  

Nur Febriani  

Sofia Castello y Tickell  

Thomas Bacha  

Ashden Award for Powering Futures in Clean Energy (Global South), supported by Linkedin 

Anuradha Nagaraj  

Ashok Sinha  

Buradum Geteh  

Rebecca Rhodes  

Samah El Sayed  

Sarah Butler-Sloss  

Ashden Award for Energy Innovation (Global South), supported by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero 

Abraham Mudasia  

Ashok Sinha  

Divyam Nagpal  

Oluwadabira Abiola-Awe  

Sarah Butler-Sloss  

Tony Tiyou  

Zeynab Wandati  

Sofi Hinchliffe  

Andrew Reicher  

Ashden Award for Nature Based Solutions (UK), supported by the Lund Trust 

Amandeep Maan  

Ashok Sinha  

Hannah Harrison  

Ian Russell  

Kamilah McInnis  

Matthew Ahluwalia  

Sam Bentley-Toon  

Ashden Award for Energy Innovation (UK), supported by Impax Asset Management 

Ashok Sinha  

Hannah Harrison  

Jeffrey Hardy  

Sharon Kimathi  

Fraser Stewart  

Rachel Bray  

Cath Bremner  

Ashden Award for People’s Energy (UK) 

Emma Bridge 

Chaitanya Kumar 

Afsheen Kaur Rashid 

Helen Seagrave  

Graham Ayling 

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