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Powering refugees and displaced people

Your gift will bring clean, affordable energy to people fleeing violence and persecution

Could you rebuild your life without the means to light your home, charge your phone, or earn a living? That’s the challenge faced by millions of refugees in the Global South.

Donating to Ashden’s BBC Radio 4 appeal will fund grants and other support for frontline organisations – often led by refugees themselves – tackling this problem.

Our backing has already helped hospitals chill life-saving medicines, boosted online learning for young people, and brought clean energy to homes in conflict-hit Yemen. Your gift will help us find and support even more great work around the world.

Innocent's Story

Refugee Innocent Tshilombo has brought solar-powered Wi-Fi to Kenya’s Kakuma Refugee Camp. His homegrown solution is helping his neighbours earn a living, study, and stay in touch with loved ones. Now, we’re helping Innocent bring clean energy and internet access to even more neighbourhoods in Kakuma. 

Ade Adepitan

Our BBC Radio 4 Appeal is presented by broadcaster and Paralympian Ade Adepitan. His passion for tackling climate change and celebrating African innovation are two reasons he’s sharing our story. 

Hear why Ade is backing our appeal:

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