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Ashden’s Green Communities Network: Greener & Cleaner Bromley – Sustainability for all

Ashden’s Green Communities Network: Greener & Cleaner Bromley – Sustainability for all

Citizen Engagement

Join Ashden’s Green Communities network and Greener & Cleaner Bromley at 1-2pm on Thursday 6th July online via Teams for a discussion on how an idea for change can turn into a community sustainability Hub at a large shopping centre within 3 years!

To create the change we need to see on a national scale, we must adapt how we engage all people on climate action – Greener & Cleaner Bromley is a ground-breaking charity that is doing just that.

Through their Hub in The Glades shopping centre, South East London, they engage over a thousand people each month from all walks of life on wide-varying aspects of sustainability, equipping people and organisations with skills, resources and inspiration to make green living the norm. This in addition to setting up a sister Community Allotment Garden site and working with schools and youth groups to create an innovative youth engagement programme on sustainability.

The Hub represents a live trial for testing different engagement methods to help attract a far broader range of groups and demographics than the ‘norm’ and encompasses all key areas of sustainability from energy and active travel to biodiversity and food. The Hub has been running for about 18 months and is passionate about collaboration and co-design to maximise inclusion and impact. They are also working with respected academics like Dr Richard Carmichael and Prof Kris De Meyer on more academic research connected with inclusive engagement. The Hub is already having significant impacts across South East London.

The Greener & Cleaner team are passionate about making their learnings available to all: they speak at events, consult and are planning a vital UK Hubs Blueprint to empower communities, charities and councils across the UK to set up inclusive and accessible Community Sustainability Hubs in shopping centres and other local but mainstream settings.

But how did they get there and what can others looking to replicate this success learn?

Why join:

  • Hear first hand discussions on evolving community engagement methods, endorsed by academics at UCL and Imperial
  • Learn the importance of building a business case for community climate action and how you go about doing it
  • Co-ordinating volunteers and part time staff for community Hubs and projects, with success and challenges that this brings
  • Hear how to go about building a blueprint for your success

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