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Energy innovation: Sparking change in low-income communities

Energy innovation: Sparking change in low-income communities

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Energy innovation: Sparking change in low-income communities

Last year, 7.9 million people had to borrow money to pay their energy bills. More than 1 million children live in households that have to limit their use of heating and hot water.

Faced with this energy crisis, how can we make sure clean energy products, services and technologies improve the lives of people on low incomes?

Join us on February 29 as we bring together thought leaders and innovators to confront this critical question. Hear from businesses and charities doing things differently, and making sure the benefits of energy innovation reach those who need them most.

How can we make solutions affordable, and deliver them at scale? What policy action is needed? And how can we make sure energy innovation delivers new jobs and better health in marginalised communities?

We hope you can join us for a thought-provoking evening of presentations, discussion, networking, cheese and wine!

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Emma Fletcher

Director Low Carbon Homes, Octopus Energy

Emma is the Low Carbon Housing Director at Octopus Energy. Her career has centred on leading high impact, high innovation projects in real estate, with a particular focus on housing, energy performance and green energy production. Emma is a passionate advocate for change, community resilience and sustainability solutions for all. She established and led the UK’s first fossil fuel-free district heating scheme in her village, Swaffham Prior. Her work regularly features in trade, national and international press & media.


Stuart Gadsden

Commercial Director, Kensa

Stuart has over 20 years’ experience of studying and working in the field of renewable energy, including achieving his Ph.D. in solar energy. Stuart joined Kensa in 2015 as Technical Sales Manager, where he focused on large scale shared ground array Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) systems within the residential and non-domestic sectors. He is now Commercial Director of Kensa Contracting, leading the sales, estimating and bid teams. Stuart is passionate about decarbonising heat and taking people out of fuel poverty.


Dr Donal Brown

Director of UK Programmes, Ashden

Donal has 15 years experience in the low carbon housing and renewable energy sectors. Prior to joining Ashden, Donal was Research Fellow at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex and is Director of Sustainable Design Collective. A sustainable housing, energy and energy demand specialist, Donal has provided policy consultancy on housing, retrofit and renewable energy policy to the Welsh Government and UK Labour Party, and chairs the Board of Directors of the retrofit charity Retrofitworks.

Christian Jaccarini

Senior Researcher, New Economics Foundation

Christian is an economist and senior researcher with the New Economics Foundation. NEF’s advice is tailored to meet the needs of policy makers, emphasising the role of public engagement and grassroots mobilisation to achieve real change. Christian has researched the domestic retrofit issue extensively, working at national, regional and local levels. His recent report on a local green new deal, explored how the UK can act to achieve climate, social and economic goals.

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