LESS CO2 Schools Programme

The future of LESS CO2 Sustainable Schools Programme


Ashden are pleased to announce that a team of LESS CO2 mentors will be taking over and delivering the LESS CO2 as a paid-for service from September 2021. Contact Richard Smith at School Energy Efficiency to find out more.  

Ashden have come to this decision due to the last 18 months of restrictions, which allows us to focus on the thriving Let’s Go Zero campaign. We look forward to both programmes going from strength to strength, as schools need help to save carbon, now more than ever.

You can also find further teaching support at Transform Our World – a community of teachers using free resources to empower students and inspire climate action in schools. For energy-focused support, we also recommend Energy Sparks and the Green Schools Project. 

What was the Ashden LESS CO2 programme?

Through four half-day workshops spread across the academic year, peer mentoring, expert advice and resources, staff are empowered and equipped to make changes and improvements to their school.  As a result, they reduce their energy usage, save money on bills and lower their CO2 emissions. 

Schools link together into a geographically close ‘cluster’. Each cluster brings together teachers, bursars, site teams and school managers for a year-long energy saving programme. This includes: workshops covering energy saving tips; recording and analysing meter data; behaviour change for staff and students; and incorporating energy-related sustainability issues into the curriculum.

As well as saving energy and money, LESS CO2 helps children in primary and secondary schools take more responsibility in the running of their school. Students and staff become more aware of the impact they have on the environment through the use of energy.

LESS CO2 also work closely with energy officers in local councils and academy trusts to help their group of schools make significant reductions in energy use, saving money on their energy bills every day.

What did we achieve?

"The programme fired up the whole school to reduce CO2 emissions. The staff who attended were inspired and brought that inspiration back to school to invigorate the whole school community."

The Let's Go Zero schools campaign

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Why is it so important for schools to become carbon zero? 

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