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Our bold new look celebrates climate innovation


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Craig Burnett


When it comes to climate solutions, we know what works. The bold. The brave. The brilliantly inclusive.

That thinking has inspired us to relaunch our brand – bringing you a punchy and focused new website, eye-catching graphics, and an updated tone of voice.

By helping us reach new audiences – and inspiring our current ones – our new brand will speed up the growth of outstanding work in the UK and around the world. Our exciting new look and feel reflects the energy powering the climate innovation we have championed for two decades.

We face a crucial climate decade, a time for radical action. Our use of more powerful words and images reflects this urgency – but also the passion and creativity of the innovators delivering a brighter future.

More than ever, we’ll tell the stories of the people of the frontline of the climate crisis, digging into the challenges they face as well as their incredible resilience and potential. We want to think about the bigger picture – how global heating threatens every aspect of our lives, but also how climate solutions bring better health, prosperity and a fairer world.

We’re full of good news stories. And the stories we love the most are the ones about people coming together.

Have you heard the one about the women who built a solar power station in a war zone? Or the community working to create healthier, more peaceful streets?

In this spirit, our new brand will foster collaboration and inclusion. We’ll use direct, clear language – not confusing jargon. We’ll get straight to the point. We’ll produce tweets and videos you can’t help but share.

We’ve already been putting the new brand to use this summer – on social media, in our reports on climate-friendly work and sustainable cooling, and in our 2020 award film. Check out this celebration of climate innovation to see our new brand in action.

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