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Powering up a continent: The Ashden Award for Integrated Energy Africa


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Craig Burnett


Man standing next to a purple motorcycle that reads "Husk" and wears a matching hat with the same logo.

Africa is bursting with new and exciting clean energy innovation. But the continent faces a major challenge – connecting diverse systems to make sure clean energy is accessible and affordable for everyone. 

Four organisations shortlisted for the Ashden Award for Integrated Energy Africa, supported by Integrate to Zero, are taking on this challenge. 


At its factory in Kenya, Aceleron repurposes waste batteries – turning them into energy storage technology for homes, offices and electric vehicles. 

Beacon Power Services 

Beacon Power Services offers grid management software and analytics, helping utility companies expand their reach across Africa. 

Husk Power 

Through its Nigeria Sunshot initiative, Husk Power is building at least 500 clean energy microgrids by 2026 – supporting businesses, schools and hospitals, and benefiting more than 2 million people. 

Power for All 

In Uganda, Power For All’s Utilities 2.0 Twaake project unites centralized and decentralized renewable energy companies to achieve faster and cheaper electrification, boost rural livelihoods, and end energy poverty. 

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