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Sustainable urban cooling: webinar recording


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One billion people lack access to cooling. How can cities protect people from extreme heat – while avoiding energy use that further drives emissions?

This October 13 webinar, co-hosted by Ashden and BloombergNEF featured real-world examples of sustainable cooling solutions targeted at vulnerable groups – including children, older people and those on low incomes.

Innovators revealed how tree-planting became a cornerstone of Milan’s vision for the future, and London’s approach to using data to find those most at risk from extreme heat. The event also tackled how Indian cities and authorities of different sizes use heat action plans to protect vulnerable communities, and how Medellin’s Green Corridors project used a participatory approach to understand and respond to local needs – bringing better work as well as an improved environment.

Speakers included Anjali Jaiswal (Senior Director at the Natural Resources Defence Council),
Alejandro Restrepo-Montoya (Director of Strategic Urban Projects – City Architect of Medellín), and
Lauren Racusin (International Urban Planning and Economic Development Consultant at Bloomberg Associates). Joining them were Ellen Dobbs (Programme Manager, Ashden) and Emma Coker (Heating and Cooling Associate, BloombergNEF).

Find in-depth analysis in our report, Fair Cooling Now – or see how Ashden backs innovation through the Fair Cooling Fund.

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